The Jobber Class will introduce each student to the fundamentals and fine details of the refinishing industry. The program will be divided evenly between the classroom for procedures and theory, and the workshop for practical experience. Evaluating your customer's needs and building a system for your customers are discussed, along with product knowledge for Crossfire, Prism and an overview of the Tec System.
Lunches will be provided each day. Hours are 8:30 - 4:30 daily with dismissal by 3:00 on the final day. All class participants will receive Personal Safety Equipment and a Product Training Manual for use and future reference.
Qualifications: This course is designed for entry level jobber employees and sales personnel requiring an introductory or refresher class on the newest products and procedures available.
Duration: 3 days
Date(s) Location Price Registration
TBD TBD $200
  • Abrasives usage and positioning
  • Computer formula retrieval
  • Equipment (including HVLP, short wave infra-red
  • Paint coating technology (OEM and refinish)
  • Product Positioning
  • Safety procedures and equipment
  • Sanding & polishing techniques
  • Specifying materials for productivity
  • Surface preparation & corrosion protection
  • System selling
  • Undercoat systems, options & application