Fairbanks Collision and Glass Services
Scott Tompkins believes in his associates. By treating them right, and seeing that they have the training and experience they need, he sets them up to think on their own and do their work independently. In turn they do their jobs right. This formula, and a commitment summed up in its motto, “When Quality Matters,” has helped Fairbanks Collision and Glass Services, Fairbanks, Alaska, and its 16 employees perform repairs on 1,300 vehicles each year.
Tompkin’s philosophy has evolved from his first day on the job, back in 1987 when, upon graduating high school, he and his father Bud opened the business. Tompkins took the initiative early on, attending his very first industry meeting years ago to learn all about benchmark goals, customer-satisfaction measures and key performance indicators.
Over the years he’s also come to recognize the value in partnerships, whether partnering with the good employees to see that they are well-trained and happy in their work, with insurance companies that can make or break a collision center through their referrals, or with customers who see the value in a job done right.
Tompkins and Fairbanks Collision and Glass Services keep active in industry focus groups to stay up-to-date on industry trends and practices, and regularly assess the local employment and wage environment. These efforts pay off by allowing Tompkins to identify and pursue training opportunities and certifications, and attract and keep self-motivated associates via higher wages than local competitors, health care, an IRA savings package and vacation benefits. He also takes more novel approaches.
“We are involved in industry focus groups and hire outside of the industry for sales and management,” he says, explaining a philosophy that embraces new ideas and out-of-the-box thinking.
That fresh approach and commitment to partnerships pays dividends.
“We constantly outperform our competitors in all insurance-company-tracked performance indicators,” Tompkins says, which leads to increased referrals.
Aiding in high performance scores is a 22-year relationship with Martin Senour, using a variety of its primers, basecoats and topcoats.
"Martin Senour is very willing to help in all aspects of our business, including product training and administrative training,” Tompkins offers.
Backed by the expertise and technology of Martin Senour, and a dedicated, top-notch staff, Fairbanks Collision and Glass Services continues to grow – and that’s a far cry from the father-son shop of nearly 30 years ago.